Meet Mark and we went through it all and the code we created all made sence. I went home and added it to my own code, and guess what it did not work. So I am very very very stressed out!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to continue with the seamonkey thing tonight, but to be honest I have been soo stressed out and cried soo much over this all, I just dont know if I can manage it.

Right the plan was to make the sea monkeys dies then think about food. The varible I made before didnt work so I thought about a timer and the removeing random clips. This also didnt want to, so it was back to the drawing board again,a dn this is at 11 o’clock!!!!

Right I thought about adding an evil seamonkey that eats them all up when it hits it, but for form strange reason the hit test wasnt working?!?!?!?!!?

You can imagine what I am like right now. I started to research around the net on what other people have done in flash but it was just too late to start anything new.

I am soo gutted abotu this project its not asif I havent been working on it I have tried and tried and tired I even got help but that even didnt want to work!!! I think I am jinxed this year!!!

To top this Kat is no longer doing th course and leavign uni. she will be truely missed :(!!!

Plan for tomorrow is to persent my ideas and so how they went wrong and what I would do if i had more time. I am not happy about it at all!!!


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