201: Building of the man

At the end of last week I went into Smeaton room 104 and I started to build up my manikin in 3d Max. I was finding this difficult to get my head around, so I started to do my organism project instead.

Yesterday though I was up and ready to challenge to really get down and start creating my manikin, I was feeling abit better about building it up and the individual shapes were going to plan. I do think my arms are too thin though. I also added colour in my material menu, I went for a light wooden colour for the main body parts and a darker wooden colour for the knees and elbows. When I attracted them onto the the body I felt more happy about the way the manikin was looking.

Today i went into Smeaton again and I have now completed all the main body parts, just need to add the hands and feet. I am just thinking over what shape would be best to use as they are quiet difficult shapes to create.

All this aside I am still thinking how good Lukes Manikin looked and it makes me feel so bad about my own, so I am going to look up the tutorials he gave me 🙂


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