Idat 204: The Seamonkeys have got my back

Right Today i started to think that i am really going to need a backup plan for this organism project, Linking with The whole idea of virus and spreading, I started to thinking of bacteria, ans how we can control it, and suddenly sea-monkeys came to my head. As they are like pets for a human but the owner has no input into the way the sea-monkeys go apart form added the power in the begin of their development. I am thinking of using flash for this project. The plan will be to generate seamonkeysin a random position, give them random speeds and they can breed and produce random amount of babies and it will be random whether they are girls or boys beign born.

I went researching for flash organisms and I came across this nice game.

Sadly mine wont be as good as this become of my time span 😦

But Today i did manage to complete the sea-monkeys randomly appearing and moving and also the random breeding, so it was quiet a productive day!


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