Idat 201: Another idea

Right I have had long hard thoughts over this and I have come up with an idea that i am happy to take forward as my 90 second film clip. Based on idea number 2 “This idea was thinking of an object that is always around people, but they don’t seem to acknowledge it, for example a traffic cone or a tree. What my idea for this storyboard was. Placing the 3d object that i create in its everyday situation , with the business of the world being speeded up behind it. I do like this idea but i feel there isn’t that much of a narrative to it. ” I am going to take this forward by creating an object that would appear on a person desk, but that they don’t pay much attention too, and when they leave the room it comes alive. I was looking at my desk, and i have a model owl, which i thought would be nice to create, as it could fly around the room when the person had left. But then thinking more about this idea, art manikinsmanikin came to my mind and how it would be nice to make the little art man come alive and start walking around the real person, desk whilst they were out the room.

I like this idea because I can use my imagination a lot and plus it will be interesting to think about what goes behind close doors when nobody is in a room, and when they return they are totally oblivious to whatever took place.

I will now design up a storyboard for the film clip


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