Idat 205: For Keepsakes!!!!

Yesterday we come up again with an added idea to our last idea of being a home movie editing company. I was wondering if there would really be a demand for the type of service we were offering the customers. So all week I was thinking of a service where people will send in as many personal photographs, business photographs, building photographs or even just favourite photographs as they like and we will enhance and create them into all the a professional looking book, scrapbook, a card, and even a calender. I think this is a nice idea to go with the home movie film idea as its the same kind of service. I discussed this with the rest of the group and all of them really liked the idea and thought it rounded up our website to be more demanding.

We did research on changing our name and Kat came up with “Keepsakes” which we all loved, so i now have to re-think my idea on how i am going to go about the logo. We are going to keep our jobs the same, but with a few additive. Also Vicky will be totally encharge of all the video editing now as i will be busy with the photo section of the website.

I am really looking forward to kicking this project off.

Here is a List of all the new and changes of jobs throughout the group.

  • Kat is Team Manager, Overall Designer and Journalist
  • Ollie is Programmer, Web Developer and Profile Image creator
  • Vicky is Video Editor, Sound Editor and Creator of dumby DVD
  • Myself will be Logo Designer, Photography producer and Creator of dumby photo book, calender and card

Just before we left I said that on our profile page I really do not want a massive photo of my face splashed across the screen so Ollie came up with the idea of vectoring our faces out and having barley any feature on our faces. This will work well as we all have different hair styles and Ollie has glasses. This is an example of what Ollie will try an achieve. The famous Blur front cover:



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