Idat 201: Ideas for 90 sec film

Well i have so much going on in my head right now that i just cant decide where to go with this 3d project. I do have a few ideas that all vary, so I am going to see what Katina thinks at our tutorial.

Idea one

This is based on Pete Doherty and his drug addiction. What I was thinking of doing was, making a mini movie of his life and how he ruined it with the use of drugs. with my 3d model being a syringe. I have a storyboard in mind, which i will soon upload, once i find a scanner. But the basics of it is, I will start by showing clips of Pete in the Libertines and having it all, but then it will get very dark and show the syringe being injected into an arm and then zoom in right in deep into his veins, which will also be in 3d, and I was thinking of having 3d fluid of the poison running through his veins. After that scene i was thinking of showing how bad his life went from there one, and have a quote at the end saying something like, “don’t have it all, but then poison it all away”. That quote is still in the making as you may can tell.

syringe_2.jpg arteries_veins_02.jpg

Idea 2

This idea was thinking of an object that is always around people, but they don’t seem to acknowledge it, for example a traffic cone or a tree. What my idea for this storyboard was. Placing the 3d object that i create in its everyday situation , with the business of the world being speeded up behind it. I do like this idea but i feel there isn’t that much of a narrative to it.


Idea 3

One of the best old school toys was the Slinky by far!! What i was thinking for my third idea was, having a real life person, being filmed at the top of the stairs pushing down this slinky, and then the slinky does its thing and rolls down the stairs, but i was thinking that the stairs could change, either with its environment changing around it or the type of stairs its going down. Again i really like this idea but i am thinking how hard to would be to build the slinky in 3d Max.


humm as you can see they are all very different, i am going to talk to Katina and see where I go form there.


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