Idat 205: Popping away

Right leaving festivals and farmers behind us we have come up with a totally different service for our website company.

Going from creating a music festival or even being promoters of festivals, we are now a home movie video editing company, called “Popcorn”.  This name came from a number of ideas of other names we made up, such as “films 4u”.  I got Popcorn from the idea of people sitting at home eating a big bowl of popcorn whilst watching a DVD on their home TV.

The idea of the service is that, people will send in their own pre filmed clips that they have filmed whilst for example:

  • Being on hoilday
  • Attending a wedding day
  • Attending a christening
  • Attending a  birthday party
  • Being on a day trip
  • Attending a music gig

The customer will come to us so we create a special DVD  of very high quailty edited film clips that they send us, for them.  We are going to let the customer have as much input into the finally movie as they like,  we will use this fact for being top of the market for this kind of service and make us more in demand.  We will also have different options of title pages for the DVD that the customer can choose from, as well as different options layout outs for the front cover of the DVD.

We have assigned each of us different jobs for this project, which suit everybodys skills and abilities.  The job list is as followed:

  • Kat is Team Manager and Overall Designer
  • Ollie is the Programmer and Web Developer
  • Vicky is Film Editor and Creater of a dumby DVD
  • Myself I am  also a Film Editor, Sound Editor and Logo Creator.

Hugo is pleased with both our name and and idea for our company, so now the research begins on simular companys and their websites.


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