Idat 201: Second 3d max session

In this session we learnt how to draw an object using the line tool and how to modify it into the 3d object that we want to create.  We all had to create a wine glass.  At first mine would not come out so right, as it would have a random bit added to the top of the glass.  To fix this problem, I had to make sure i did not draw the line at the top of the glass, but just the line that create side of the glass.  This helps the modify understand what shape i want to achieve better, somehow.

After this we learnt how to add materials to the object, and how to adjust the texture and visibility of the object.  Next we learnt how to add an image form the Internet to our material menu and then onto the object.  This was all very self explanatory.

To end the session we was given a task to create a realistic hourglass.  In the task we learnt how to create the hourglass and modify it.  We also created an animation of the sand falling through with the use of, Taper and slice modifier and the time line.  I managed to get up to the sand animation because of the time, but with the help of the worksheets, I felt i was learning creating very quickly.


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