Idat 201: first 3D max session

Today was our first session with Vad and 3dMax.  Vad went through tutorials himself and then shown us video tutorial, that were all very helpful.  Today we were just getting use to the program and where to find it and just what everything means, and how to use the different tools.

For a while we got the chance to create any objects, so i just had ago at building and all the shapes that the 3dMax already has on offer and changing their size and texture.  It was the first time i have used the program or down any 3D modelling at all, i was shocked how easy it was to create certain shapes.

To end the session we were given a task to get used to the 3D world and what it has on offer.  With the basic feature of the program, we were asked to create a composition of an orange, an apple, a windowsill, a wall, a wine bottle and a knife.  Also we got to add lights and a camera so we can view the scene form different angles.  But that was not all, we were also asked to do a basic animation.

That all sound alot to do for you first try I know, but Vad provided us with a worksheet, which had step by step instructions and this made it alot easier.


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