Idat 204: The Living Melody

Right we have had our meeting with Chris and we told him about the idea of our organism being a piece of music that grows off the amount of people who listen to it, which we have named “The Living Melody”. He was interested in where this was going….

We was thinking of either doing this through bluetooth and unlocking more parts of the song as it travels further, but Kat and I thought that would be too hard for ourselves.

So we are going to go with the concept of the sound piece growing when more and more people view a site. It would be good to link this with a site such as, but i think we may create our own website and send out bluetooth posters with the link to the site on it.

Thinking of code, well I think VB and if statements would work best with this, and i feel is the easiest script to work with. Will will also use aspx, to create a hit counter which we will base the if statements around to see how many people have viewed the site and if the melody is growing.

Huuuum this sounds straight forward, but will it be is the question???


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