Artifact finishing off

Well i had to complete this piece within 2weeks so i thought i would consecrate on it at the weekend.  After Polly had her plan of her final pieces planned out she would lay the handmade paper out flat on a worktop, with the template beside her and she would start placing the flowers on one by on always starting with the larger flowers first so she can make sure she can fit them on the paper,  then she would move down to the next size flowers until she get to the smallest ones, this is her technique because she believes  if she starts her prints with the smaller flowers and then founds out the larger flowers wouldnt fit, that she would waste more time having to cut and then sand the larger flowers down rather than just having to sand down the smaller flowers if they do not fit on the print.  Infact this is a very good method as also she would have to contact the carpenter again and end up waiting another week for her new flowers.

Here is a picture of Polly at workpolly_2.jpg
You can see that she has printed her larger flowers first and is now completing it with the smaller flowers.

Here is me trying to copy this technique

Polly would just apply human strength to the wood and leave the flower block there for a good few mintues and then take it off slowy.  This the same block is used again she would simply turn the block over and re-painted it and repeated the same technique as before.

Here are same pictures of me at work. 


Polly and her team had fun with these print and so did I! The virbatentness of the flowers and the fun feel of the piece brought me alots of fun to complete is and this is just what Polly wanted to get across with her pieces, she wanted to bring the FUN back into art.

You can see my final piece against the orginal on the Artifact page. 

My hands after i had finished!!!!!



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