Interstices finished

Today i completed my newspaper article showing reports of the transportation device after being used for 50 years, since it was invented.

 Icompleted the newspaper in fireworks with the with this use photos that i found off the Internet and i linked them to my topic.

In my newspaper i am talking about how the world has changed since the transportation device has mean created and how it has took away peoples appreciation of arrive in a different place and taking away the journey form one place to another which kinda gives the feeling that you have not moved at all.  It also mentions how the environment has been damaged and how enemy are finding it easier to get into countries of war.

I also felt to add in an apology from the inventors and how they blame the media and how they changed the demand of the device and changed the way in which it was original invented for.

I have placed this finished artical on the the Intersices page, this also includes Ollies introduction website to the transportation device.


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