Mapping Sent email

Today we drafted out the final email that we are going to send around to people.  We had to take in account that people hate receiving chain emails and that if we wanted people to read the email we would have to make the email sort and sweet and to the point.

This is the email we sent out:

This email is at stage 1 of the chain. (Please add 1 to this value when forwarding)Hi,We’re students in Plymouth University, and we have a project that we were hoping you could help us out with. Basically all you have to do is visit this website, fill in the form, and pass this e-mail on to at least five friends.

We know we all hate chain mails but this would really help us out.

The site is- you for your time.We have also included the URL that we want them to visit and fill in the details needed.  I think this email should get good results as we are polite and explaining ourselves with waffling on.

To start with we sent the email form the to the four of us in the email, so that the first stage will be located in the same area which is Babbage213.  This will make it easy for us to start our map as the journey began in one place.


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