Mapping information site is up!

Well done to Ollie who today completed the website which will be linked on the email where we want people to fill in information on where they received the email, where abouts they are reading the email and what stage the email is at when received it.

Here is screen shots of the finished website:
The first screen shot shows the introduction to the site, it is really the email in more detail so that
the viewer knows exactly what is going on


This screen shot shows the form the viewer has to fill out as you can see it is very short and no person details such as phone number or address is asked for, we do not even receive their email address as the submit button sends an email the the actual website email.  None of us will receive any information that the viewer does not want us to know:

Finally after the information has been submitted the viewer is shown a thank-you message on behalf of the project just so we keep everybody happy. All credit for Ollie for setting up this web-page!



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