Artifact (update)

I have just been researching on stanley donwood and his work but something in me wasn’t quiet happy with me taking his work forward to do my artifact on(no offence)


whilst i was researching i came across POLLY APFELBAUMapfelbaum-polly.jpg and i know it sounds stupid but i just felt more happier looking at her work. I know its simple but i love the use of colour and the vibes that you get from her work. so once again lets hope i can find a piece of her work which i can actually copy as-well as her technique.

Here is a few examples of her Love Park woodblock monoprint work. i think i will carry one of these forwards for my projects:love-me-tender-15.jpglovepark11.jpglove-park-7.jpglove-park-10.jpgloveparkd_may_05.jpglovers-leap-11.jpgrainbow-park-1.jpg

As you can see, Love Park, is a stunning kaleidoscope of flowers that practically whirls right off the huge sheets of handmade paper she uses. Apfelbaum continues the theme of colourful florals, taking us through the spectrum while leaving aside her velvets for the time being. Apfelbaum grants the viewer the freedom to appreciate the sheer pleasure of aesthetics. No trespassing: All grumpy viewers must please keep out of Love Park.

Here is some information about Polly and the Love Park pieces:

Polly Apfelbaum (born 1955, Abington, PA) is best known for her colorful, abstract floor installations of stained textiles. Recently she has returned to the more traditional confines of a rectangular sheet of paper, printed with woodblocks. Working in collaboration with Durham Press in nearby Durham, Pennsylvania, Apfelbaum is creating small and large prints of joyous colors and floral patterns. From this new series, the Museum selected and purchased the vibrantly colored Love Park IX. Recognition for Apfelbaum’s work includes a recent mid-career retrospective (2003) at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia and a feature article in Art in America (2004). This large-scale print now enlivens the Trexler Gallery at the Museum.



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