Mapping Project(first thoughts)

The ideas we can up with were to hire some maps out and scan them, so we wouldn’t ruin them.  Then buy some acetate and create a trail in which the penny travels.  Kat came up with the idea of getting a small ball and painting it and rolling it on the acetate to show that a route of a penny it random.  Then to display this trail we were going to stick a penny trail other the acetate, to see was sort of images we could get.  For an extended project as well I was thinking of doing a satellite viewing of following the penny’s movement in a programme like Flash.

 We hired out a map of
Plymouth and a map of
Britain so we could do a smaller and then a larger scale map.

But when we discussed this idea with Mike he told us how he didn’t want it to be a random story of something and that it had to be a real map of something, but he did like the idea of the tracking idea that we had going on, so it was back to the drawing board.


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