Artifact(first thoughts)

huum, for this one i first wanted to do a painting by Kandinsky as he paints to art but i just couldn’t find any information on the artist and his technique, plus i had no clue what music he painted to and how i would get hold of the music piece.

Here is a few examples of his work:

So i changed my mind onto Lino Prints. I found this print done by Stanley Donwood, called St Pauls st-pauls.jpg but once i got researching into it i found out that the original prints were 12 feet long. So i was like i will do the smaller prints he did of them but then i read the technique of how they were done and it was just impossible for me to do:

“Each of the 14 sections were first proofed on a huge cast-iron printing press, an Albion made in 1860, scanned, and printed on to large aluminium/polymer composite panels, which in turn were caged with diamond-pattern wire, reminiscent of the Evening Standard headline-boards that infect the capital with their own dire predictions. Each of these panels are 75 cm wide x 140 cm high. ”

But because i had researched so much on Stanley himself i just had to do one of his pieces so i have now decided to artifact his Acrylic and blackboard paint on canvas piece named, Pacific coast

Pacific Coast

I just have to find out his technique and hope i can mange to do it as-well.


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