Telematic Performance (first build)

We all meet up on a Wednesday afternoon in Ollie’s place to build up practise cube to see how this idea would actually work.  We found some old cereal boxes and ready meal boxes to practise with.  I started to cut a shape out of the boxes whilst Vicky and Ollie started to draw out the nets of the cubes onto the card.  Once I had cut out the shape Kat placed in the acetate paper and shown the light from a mobile phone through the back of the box and a circle of colour appeared on the wall.  Then I placed different colour acetate other the circle and it changed colour and we started to realise that the different siluettes would not really shine through.

Kat and I started to think on how we could work around this and we came up with the idea of having one image of a Russian doll and spitting it up in three different parts.  The three different parts would then link with the three cubes, for example the largest cube would have the face design, the middle cube would have the body and the smallest cube would have the feet.  This way the image was still being built up into different parts in the Russian doll box effect.


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